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Magic Chat - magic chat for magicians!   Magic Chat - magic chat for magicians!
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User Quick Guide

Real names preferred. To change your name from guest, type "/nick YourName"

To private chat with a user, click their name and choose "Private Message."

If you need help, type "/help"

Before quitting the chat, please type "/quit"

The room "Magic Talk" is for general discussion, magic or otherwise. "Serious Sessions" is for magicians who want to stay on topic. The "Lecture Hall" is the chatroom used for scheduled lectures, interviews, and special guests.

Chat Rules

This is a magic community chatroom. Acceptable speech and behavior is set by the magicians using the chatroom at any given time. This chat is accessed by magicians of all ages from around the globe. Please respect the diversity of age, philosophy, and culture. Rules may harden during special events, such as magic lectures or interviews.

Admin Quick Guide

To login as an admin, first type "/nick YourAdminName" hit enter, and then type "/identify YourPassword"

To kick a disruptive user, type "/kick TheUsersName"

Disagreement and spirited debate is encouraged. Only kick or ban a user if they make the public chat unusable or harass another user in private chat. Using swear words is not a kickable offense per se, but constant vulgarity is. We are here to serve the magic community.